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"To say the least, their performance was exceptional. All work was completed with integrity, quality workmanship, on time and within the budget requirements of the project. I would recommend Allan Spear Construction to any project team. Allan Spear Construction is an assett to any project."

Trevor Prigg, James A. Cummings, Inc.
Project Manager SW Parking Garage, Gainesville Fl

"We have found both their office and field employees to be very knowledgable and well equipped. We found them to be fair with change pricing and helpful with scheduling activities, overall a well organized professional company."

Jeffrey L. Beckman, Welbro

I must say that Allan Spear Contracting is at the top of my list of contractors that I would look forward to working with again.

Larry E. Bramlet, Irwin Contracting

The project was well managed, with above average quality of work and Allan Spear Construction did everything necessary to complete their portion of work on time. I would recommend Allan Spear Construction on future projects.

Benjamin Wells, Archer Western/DeMaria Joint Venture
Sr. Project Superintendent

Allan Spear Construction always maintains a professionalism that keeps construction activity proceeding smoothly and efficiently. They willingly contribute whatever they must in a most expedient manner to ensure the successful delivery of projects within our budget and schedule parameters.

David Gillam, Clark Construction

Allan Spear has provided sufficient staffing and highly capable field supervision to meet all of the schedule requirements of this project. In addition, the quality of their work is above average. Allan Spear Construction has provided competent estimating and project management services. All required pricing and submittals are professionally prepared and submitted on time. I recommend Allan Spear Construction to you for any masonry project, large or small.

Will Schaet, Barton Malow Company

I would gladly recommend them for any of your future construction projects. Their ability to man the job from start to finish allowed them to be a very dependable subcontractor and a major reason for the project to remain on schedule. Their workmanship was also of a high quality, as expected of a contractor of thier caliber.

George Novo. Welbro

Allan Spear Construction had no issue meeting and exceeding the schedule. The project was competitively priced, well managed and completed on time with above average quality.

M. Scott Brewer, Peter Brown Constrcution, Inc.

Allan, Thanks for the beautiful job! All of your people were wonderful.

Orion W. Davis, Jr