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Transportation Hub at Gainesville Regional Airport

This will be a Ground Transportation Hub at the Gainesville, Fl. Regional Airport. It will be built with seven 3 foot diameter by 20 foot tall concrete augers. On top on each auger will be 18 inch by 18 inch concrete columns. Going down the middle of each column and augure will be a 3 inch drain. Concrete beams will frame the two levels of the canopy and support a hollowcore deck system with a 2 inch concrete cover.

Allan Spear Construction will self-perform the auger cast piles, columns, beams, and hollow core. We will be using the slurry displacement method for the auger piles. The geological conditions determined that a polymer slurry system to be best. We will use hand set Mod-U-Forms for the columns and 20k shoring for the beams. We will also be supplying and installing the 8" hollowcore decking.

This is another project that shows the many scope items that Allan Spear Construction can pick up to provide turnkey operations for our customers.